Benefits of Using Fluorescent Light Covers for Autism and in the Classroom

Fluorescent lights are quite common in the world today and can be found everywhere in offices, homes, classrooms, and more. Though not the most visually appealing, fluorescent lights are the first choice in lighting for many reasons such as:

1. Low electricity cost

2. Durability – lasting longer when compared to the incandescent bulb

3. Minimal heat  -ideal for use in small areas and offices having a lot of sensitive equipment

4. Bright white light

fluorescentlightbulbAll of these reasons and more make fluorescent lights so popular, however there are many side-effects from daily exposure to this type of lighting. Many people suffer from headaches, experience eye strain and have difficulty concentrating under harsh fluorescent lighting. To ease these negative effects, the solution is to install a fluorescent light cover or diffuser to soften and evenly disperse the light.

 Benefits of Fluorescent Light Covers for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex brain disorder that begins in early development. It results in difficulty communicating, inability to socialize, physical and mental health issues, and repetitive behaviors. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 1.5 million Americans living with autism. Autism patients are particularly sensitive to the harsh light given off from fluorescent lights and are less likely to look at them directly. They are more easily affected by the subtle light flickering which can even trigger repetitive behavior. For these reasons, most care centers use fluorescent light covers for autism patients in their rooms and offices to reduce sensory overload, make their patients feel calmer and more at ease.

 Fluorescent Light Covers Used in Classrooms

blueskylightcoverFluorescent lights are widely used in classrooms and schools for their low cost and brightness. However if the light in the classroom is too bright, the students may experience stress and have difficulty concentrating. Because students spend a large portion of their day in the classroom, schools are employing the use of fluorescent light covers to soften the harsh white light and create an environment more conducive to learning. Companies such as SKYPANELS offer a great selection of light covers that feature blue sky and cloud themes which are perfect to the change the atmosphere in any classroom.

 Change the Look of any Room with a Fluorescent Light Cover

Schools are not the only places that can benefit from installing fluorescent light covers. Work offices and centers use them to lessen eye strain and increase productivity. Hospitals and medical centers employ them to create more calming environments. Restaurants use fluorescent light covers to change the look of the space for minimal cost. Blue fluorescent light covers in particular are widely used in spas and salons for the relaxing atmosphere they create.

Fluorescent lights covers are an easy and fairly inexpensive solution to change the environment of virtually any room that has fluorescent lighting installed. Not only do the light covers make a room look nicer, they can reduce many of the harmful physical and emotional side effects associated with fluorescent light. Many facilities now use fluorescent light covers for autism patients, employees and students for their healthy beneficial effects .